Clinic Staff

We Are Here To Help You

Insurance and billing procedures can often be complex and confusing. To help you take full advantage of your benefits, we have an experienced insurance department in our office to guide you. Please call us with your insurance related questions. For additional billing and insurance questions, please contact our business office at 425-455-0244. Any of the following individuals will be happy to help you:

Tammi Campbell - Patient Account Billing

425-455-3771 or Email Tammi

GeNay McIntosh - Patient Account Billing

425-455-4715 or Email GeNay


Heather King - Hospital Surgery Scheduling

425-468-8846 or Email Heather

Lynne Bishop, RN - In-Office Surgery Scheduling

425-468-8836 or Email Lynne


Pam Sanden - Disability/FMLA forms

425-468-8832 or Email Pam


Suzanne Parker-Dixon - Office Administrator

425-455-9528 or Email Suzie

Jenni Schwientek, LPN - Assistant Clinical Supervisor

425-468-8810 or Email Jenni